Linux or ubuntu

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Basic specs are: AMD Phenom™ 9450e
Quad-Core Processor
2.10 GHz, 3.37 GB of RAM
I have two internal hard drives One runs Windows XP 2002 (500GB) the other is blank, ready to download the Linux operating system on (150 GB). Turned on throw BOIS at start-up. I also have a 1 TRB external hard drive I use for portable storage and file storage.

The download page I was on I got to from Wikipedia when I searched to find out what Distro meant.

I have my Browser set up to delete the history when closed. Otherwise I don’t know how to check the Brower history

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You system is perfect for ubuntu. You can try all flavors, ubuntu

I recommend Xubuntu because it closely resembles Windows XP's UI and it uses less resources then Wndows XP uses. If you still want to keep XP, then xubuntu will allow you the option to dualboot with your existing OS. Download Xubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. LTS stands for "Long term Support" and it allows your system to supported until the next LTS release. It comes with firefox installed. If you want to use google's chrome browser, then you can down it from google's site it. The Wizard with help you through the process.

What Webbrowser are you using.

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Thank you for this replay.

I went to Xubuntu and the first thing that stopped me was something called “Torrent downloads” I don’t know what that means.

Are all the people who run the Linux system rocket scientist? I don’t seem to understand the terminology used here. Ie: torrent downloads, mirror downloads, dual boot….

I ended up at this page because I am unable to find a system download page that (1: I understand (2: I am able to download from, and (3: I can boot from my second hard drive with out interfering with my XP operating system.

I want to try this out but I am just to stupid to be able to download it.

Thank you

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I am not a rocket scientist. I have just taken some time to understand computers. Without that people can't get very far.

To download a torrent you need a special application called a torrent client e.g. Azureus?Vuse. The best thing about torrents is that you can stop downloading one day and carry on another day. They are hard to break.

A mirror download is one without a torrent. It is a straight download. If you stop it, it will be broken and useless.

You need to download an "iso". That can either be burnt to a CD or a USB stick. That is a special operation which will create a Linux bootable disk. ...You don't just copy an iso to a CD...

Look somewhere like here:

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Thanks you.

I was born in 1947. I bought my first computer in 2000. Gate Way with Windows ME already downloaded on it. Didn’t have to do anything except plug it in and go like hell with it. Made every mistake you can think of plus some you wouldn’t believe. So forgive me if I don’t now all the terminology, some of which is unique to Linux, as this is new to me. I have always just bought Windows CD and installed it myself. Fact is all the software came with a CD, so this is really my first time. Ever…


I followed the link that Arochaster left me. From there I was sent to
I chose the “Mirror downloads/United States” for the “iso” That sent me to . I successfully downloaded to a flash drive that I will use to upload to the empty hard drive.

My question is: Will this work, will I be able to install Xunbutu on a “stands alone” operating system similar to what Microsoft makes people pay for. Yes, No Maby ?

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(I was only born in 1952. I had a serious stroke 13 years ago before I was 48. I have "cognitive impairment" officially have an acquired head injury.)

You have an iso on a flash drive. You need to change the iso into a bootable Linux distro.

You need something like Unetbootin - It can work in Linux, Windows or OS X.

Put Unetbootin and the iso onto a working Hard Drive. Open Unetbootin. Choose Diskimage and then search for the path to the iso. It should then work when you click OK.

YES. Xubuntu will work as a "stand alone"

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