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I haven't used linux and ho an old compaq armada m700 laptop (with pentium II 350 mhz 128 m ram) and was wanting to know what OS I could use with this dinosaur of a computer to see if I like a Linux OS better than windows and to make an old computer a bit more useful.

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DSL (Damn Small Linux) would probably run just fine.

You can also try Archlinux (i686 optimized) and install low resource consuming applications :

- Fluxbox/IceWM/Openbox/whatever for the Window Manager
- Rox as a file manager
- Mpd with a client of your liking for the music...
- Mutt as email client ( or Claws if you prefer X oriented)
- Gqview as "picture program"
- Dillo/Links2 for browsing...

Those are just suggestions, you could use whatever you want!

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AntiX, a sister distro of Mepis, is made to work with older computers with limited resources.

Slitaz is also gaining notoriety for older systems,

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I have heard others refer to CDLinux (find it here: ) as a good one for extremely limited-resource machines like yours. I have not used it, but here it is as a suggestion to check out.

Another is Portable Linux, a SliTaz fork, that sounds interesting --

Seconding Goineasy9, I have antiX installed on an old PIII with 512MB RAM and hear it runs swell on a PII with 256MB RAM, but this is probably the minimum regarding system requirements. The developer for SaxenOS also used this latter as a description of the minimum system for his distro in a webpage read recently. Both run very well on my PC.

I all you want to do is surf the web and save small files occasionally, the new Lucid Puppy with a USB stick or Slax with its free "Slax Drive" could serve you well running as LiveCDs. has a list of distros, also, that may be helpful.

Best wishes in your endeavor!

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