Linux refuses to install?

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this is a simple way, get ubuntu linux live cd musch better get latest version jaunty, then if you have windows xp, run the cd under xp and insert the ubuntu cd, then wait on the auto prompt click install ubuntu under windows after that reboot the system and boot to ubuntu not on the cd but in the boot menu then click ubuntu and thats it follow the on screen instruction.

hope it helps :woohoo:

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I take it that you have been able to install and/or run a liveCD on this specific system before? If so, then it is possible that either your drive is starting to break, or that the lens is getting dirty. Go down to your local computer/stereo store and get a cd/dvd cleaner disc. Run that and see if it improves your experience. I've had to do that before - the lens gets dirty and stops reading correctly. Also, it could be that the drive is getting out of spec and not tracking the disc properly. In that case, you'll need to get a new drive.

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just remember,

while a bad drive can certainly be the issue, as stated earlier,
I had 5 different livecd distros all burned on the same brand media by the same drive burned and tried to boot to this computer only three out of 5 booted sucessfully, both Ubuntu and xbuntu wouldn't boot but , Crunchbang,PClinuxOs, and Mint all booted and installed fine.
It's a brand new drive and everything plays fine otherwise, I get a squashfs , then kernel panic errors.

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