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thats a good idea, and my suggestion is dont erase it at all give a public warning that when there group is not actively running withing a few days it will deleted, the forum questions and answer can also be delete, the non-sense questions and answers. it can free up some space for this site.


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I really want to see the messages from the old forums posted. There was a LOT of useful information posted there that should be retained for search purposes.

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I also have a couple of suggestions

1. how about displaying some (all?) of the groups (such as
the distros) in a comma separated clickable links so you
won't have to go thru 3 or pages or more before you
find the one you're looking for

2. in general simplify the interface as much as possible
a. the less clicks the better
b. the essential info should be more prominent
c. there should be a link to send a message to a
moderator when the user can't figure out something
and wants to ask a question about the site
the first time I wanted to join a group I couldn't find a
link to click. I ended up sending a message to some guys
I didn't know whether they were simple members or

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yeah, merge and purge, baby.

i would also just stop the drive-by addition of new groups altogether. maybe have a nominating system instead, would be good: if enuf people express interest in the group, THEN it will be created.

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