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Login for sam 2007.1 for the first time?

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so i got Sam 2007.1 of my friend which apparently is a linux product!

it is working on my otherwise broken old laptop, i got as far as setting my language,keyboard,time and internet connection (did not have an Ethernet so so internet when i started it up) and then it loaded the login screen

it came up with guest...and then said username with a box...i tried putting in guest, root,admin and even my username that i regularly use....but none worked....i couldn't log into guest either

i got the error message

"Authentication failed.l letters must be typed in the correct case"

Link to this post 31 Jul 09

I've never heard of a distribution of Linux called Sam. But there are loads of distributions out there.
And for that matter, Sam is not a Linux product, rather an operating system that uses the Linux kernel.

Anyhow: When you installed your system you should have made an account and password. Otherwise I would try loggin in with empty fields. Not entering either username or password.

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i tried the empty luck

do you know perhaps where i could find someone who deals with Sam?

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Hi Challenger...

Not sure if you've tried this or not, but from the SAM documentation:

The root password on the LiveCd is simply root

Here is the link to their docs:

Cheers -Kryptikos

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