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mint 12- doesn't

Link to this post 15 Jan 12

>I'm sorry I missed that spammer, hopefully we will get a "Alert Moderator" button soon so we can get alerted quicker.

I was looking for something like that, and didn't find any, so I thought I would just ignore it and let a moderator or admin come by here and see for himself. Don't you have a mod to prevent spammers from registering ?

>Rolling distros seem a good idea but I've never tried them.
If you got some spare time for that, here is for the challenge:

and it is a really rewarding challenge, and the community is really great !

and here is for the ease and comfort, and a nice community too:

>I wish members like provactive would waste their puerile wit elsewhere. I hope you have not taken offence from my earlier reply

I have not taken offense. I was just wondering why you were reacting this way. The one you talk about was just a spammer, and most probably a bot. Next time you read a suite of gibberish, you will notice that it is just a bunch of words with no precise meaning.


PS: I tried to use the BB code quotes but they don't display in my browser (the latest firefox)... have the admins considered using a classic forum among the ones actually available ?

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