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Multiboot DVD "The Best of Linux" Edition

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The linuxidentity magazine came out with a "Best of Linux Edition" that has a multiboot LiveCd (DVD) that contains: Opensuse, Mandriva, Ubuntu, and Fedora. I have attempted to create an image of the DVD using cygwin, dd if=/dev/scd0 of=multiboot.iso. I then copied this iso over to my opensuse box and tried to burn the DVD image, however I have been unsuccessful in creating the DVD. If needed I can post the error log.


1) Does anyone know where I can get a valid iso of this disc?
2) Am I using the dd command correctly, do I need to pass additional parameters in order for the burn to work correctly?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You can create an ISO image with dd, but you cannot burn it with dd.

dd if=/dev/scd0 of=commonlinux.iso
cdrecord -v dev=/dev/scd0 commonlinux.iso

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Thx for the input, however I used k3b to do the burning. I have attached an image of the error log. Can someone provide debug assistance, not sure what all of it means. I am already burning at 1x

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Um, it kinda looks like a bad burner ? the only thing with that though is, it could be alot of stuff, heh

Um, try cdburner in the commandline

something like ehhh

cdrecord -scanbus - find the device name

cdrecord -v -eject speed=? dev=?drive filename

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Yeah, it's something like that -- I'd suggest you google on how to use cdburner though, lol. I haven't had a use for it in along time :>

try this site:

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