Need help making a new distro

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Honestly having maintained a distro at several different companies for a living. My advice is DON"T. As single person or small group you CAN NOT produce a distro that is better the large distros. (Unless you are creating a really really small distro.) It's a waste of your time, and reinvents the wheel.

What I do advise is:
-Figure out what it is that you really to do that is better than the existing distros
-Find a distro you like
-Make modified packages for that distro that does what you want.
-Reskin the installer, the desktop, what ever
-If you make modifications of value contribute back if possible. (Not because it's nice, but it's a pain in the ass to keep modifing things every release...)

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First I would like to thank everyone for all the encouragement received in this post. You folks are great in my opinion.

I would also like to thank the others for wasting my time and telling me NOT to make this OS.

If anyone would like more info on this, you can come by the blog located

I have even posted a download link for anyone willing to help me on this.

Thanx again!!!

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Fedora has some good "remixing" tools. I know a few people have made custom installs of Fedora.

I would definitely recommend basing it on a distro that supports deb or rpm. That is the easiest way to manage packages.

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