Need help making a new distro

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Thanx for the info. I will definitely take a look at that.

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I guess Linux from scratch is just what you are looking for, go check it out.

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DemonTek wrote:

I have never "rolled my own" distro before. So the easiest way, is the best way for me right now.

...well, if you want easy, then you don't want Linux From Scratch. It's not exactly the path of least resistance...

I was also thinkin on just grabbin Debian and theme it up and add every thing we use to it. But then, it wouldn't really be my own creation, would it?

I mean, so many ppl do exactly that, then bundle it, rename it and tag it as their own creation.

That's kinda what I was thinking. I would feel something was more "mine" if I really did it from the ground up. But hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

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Ok, I have a couple screens now:

Desktop w/custom theme

With a few apps loaded

Known bugs:
When custom theme is implemented it crashes several of the multi-media apps. Also, when loading it up, it seems to revert back to before the customizations were implemented. Will try and work the bugs out. But I am just 1 person, may take awhile.

By the way, I used AV Linux which is a Debian base and used Tony Brijeski's Remastersys Installer, maybe this is what is causing the bugs?

I also just made a blog:

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I think it's very good to learn how to build a distribution but in most cases I think that's just adding up to a pile, as you stated in your opening question.

Wouldn't it be easier to take a tiny distribution with your favorite package manager and window manager and then to customize it with themese and apps that you like using scripts for autmoation?

In this manner you take away the assle of maintaining your distro for your familly and firends over time, you increase the use of standard distro which helps with bug reports and you contribute scripts and themes to the community.

I think the problem of our world (true in the west only) is that we have too much... too much information is available, too many distros, too many languages... and creating more just doesn't help.

My 2 cents ;).

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I agree somewhat with you. With this, it will always be updated from the Debian repros and any packages made will be .deb. So I am contributing to the whole.

What I don't agree with is the too many distros idea. Isn't linux all about freedom and different flavors? If it's not, then we all should just go back to being m$ automatons.

Just my 2 cents.

Now for my $1.00, I have posted about a couple problems I am having with this. If anyone has any advice that will help me with these, could you PLEASE post them?


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