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Need help with my laptop SD card reader

Link to this post 30 Dec 11

I have a Dell inspiron laptop with an SD memory card reader. But don't know how to make it work on my Ubuntu Linux
Can anyone help?

Link to this post 31 Dec 11

Memory cards, just like usb sticks, should be mounted automatically. All one should need to do is look in the file manager to see if it's there. If by some chance it doesn't show up, it can be mounted manually. It might help to know what version of Ubuntu you have running, since their desktop has changed drastically in the last versions. Are you using a version with Gnome or Unity. There are folks here that use Ubuntu and could probably help, but, it would be nice to know the specifics of your hardware (especially what SD card) and the version of Ubuntu.

Most card readers are using usb, if you type:


in a terminal, after the card is inserted, you can copy/paste the info here so we can see if Ubuntu is recognizing it.

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