Need some good distro ideas

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I have an old Dell Optiplex GS, and I want to work on it a little. I want to put either a Linux Operating system or a windows Operating system.

It used to have Windows 98 SE before I did a hard drive swap.
It is in a Desktop Style, NOT a laptop
The system is old, so i am not sure what the specifications are.
A wild guess would be...
*Pentium Processer (original) $
*64 MB - 132 MB Memory
*40 Gigs Hard Drive $
*Floppy Drive $
*CD Drive $
$ For sure

I will be using the computer for a mix of Desktop to Networking. I will need a Wireless Network Support, With an Eithernet Support too.

Thanks in Advance.

BTW... Heres a Picture that looks exactly like the system

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If I was you, I'd try booting it with either Damn Small Linux or Xubuntu. Both are lightweight and should be okay to run on your system. Check the links below:

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You could also use Puppy Linux. It is very lightweight, also I believe it also uses the Xfce windowing system, so it is not as heavy on resources.

Slax only requires very little storage space. But I have not tried installing it on a hard drive, though. It's based on Slackware.

Hope that helps

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I was thinking about something more heavier... Like Absolute Linux or OpenSUSE.

Will these be like a Hit and Miss? I am about to burn Absolute Linux in a little while and see if I can't load it onto the harddrive

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i have never tried absolute linux so i cant say wether its bad or not, but i have read it does run on older hardware. But one i can recommend is puppy linux.

Even though GNU/Linux does not need to demand as much of your system as Windows you can not expect it to run on air. The mainstream distros does need better hardware. Of course you can try and see how it works for you. Feel free to explore, not like it will ruin your economy. I would not even bother though.

EDIT: had to reformulate a sentence.

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I'm going to go ahead and try the latest Puppy Linux.

So far everything is going horrible... The Bios isn't going well.

The system is too old apperently. It will not boot from CD. Only the Hard drive or the Floppy disk.:angry:

Are there any MS DOS commands that can load puppy's boot file???!?!?!?!?!?!:huh: :huh: :dry: :ohmy: :unsure: :angry: :S

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