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need some suggestion's on wich linux to get

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ok I just joined and am new to linux, Im looking at all these linux version's, and have no idea wich one to get, I need somthing that has support for 56k dial up and is capable of runing
game's/emulater's, I mostly play my ps1/ps2 games on my rig so I need a REALY fast OS

my spec's

2006 IBM
P4 HT 2.8 GHZ
504 MB RAM
200 MB GPU

I realy want the (FASTEST) MOST (LIGHTWEIGHT) linux OS there is

Link to this post 15 Jun

Have a look at Linuxlite or Bodhi..

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I took a look at them, they seem nice, I think I will give (bodhi linux)a try, also Ive heard (puppy linux) is good for an old pc, but do you know if it can run games/emulater's, and use 56k dial up?

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