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Hello, Just signed up to here, and i do not have a clue about Linux, so if anyone wants to tell me about it and what it does feel free. ^^ thanks

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Linux is in fact only a kernel not an operating system. A kernel is the core set of drivers that make it possible for the hardware to communicate between itself and for the software to communicate with the hardware.

A Linux based distribution is a set of software and libraries packaged on top of a Linux kernel to make a complete operation system.

The Linux kernel, most distributions and most Linux and Unix based software is considered free software because they are utilizing open source development, generally free to download and use and they use Open Source Licenses, which grant the right to modify the source code to freely correct problem and add functionality to a piece of software.

Currently I know of over 300 Distros which you can look up at Distrowatch, but you have the option to build your own custom Linux based operating system by hand or by using the Linux From Scratch instructions.

Please let me know if you need further clarification or have additional questions.

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mfillpot wrote:

but you have the option to build your own custom Linux based operating system by hand or by using the [url=]Linux From Scratch instructions.

Of course not only new Linux based distribution but other free operating system with open source such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD based distribution or using only their kernels or what you want. Only your imagination and/or knowledge is the limit :)

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In addition to creating your own distro, you can take an already made distro and customize it to your own likings. This is the best way to start when your thinking about making your own system.

Linux is gives power to the user to do with the OS what they see fit. Your imagination is the limit.

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