Noob Dual-Screen problem

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I have only had Linux for a few days, and im not sure where to post this. When I first got Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS it used to only display on the VGA connection and not HDMI, a few days later when I discovered how to install my video card's drivers for Linux, I installed it and it imediately switched to the HDMI connection.... no signal on VGA anymore. I know for a fact the my video card does dual screen as I do it all the time when I'm using windows. When I go to 'Display' in the system settings, the only name I get for a screen is 'Laptop' and I really can't change anything other than the Resolution and sticky edges. Any help is deeply appreciated.

Here are my systems specs:
Intel Pentium G840 Socket LGA1155
MSI H61M-P23-B3
PNY Nvidia GeForce GT 520 1024Mb
2x 2GB Patriot PC3-10600 1333MHz PSD32G13332 (Total of 4GBs)
Any other questions about the hardware, just ask. :)

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With the proprietary driver you should have the nvidia-settings apps, with that you can detect and adjust you monitors.

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MFillpot is correct - just a heads up, the nvidia-settings program is setup very similar to the windows application. It will be self-explanatory at that point. Now, if for some reason that doesn't work - you can try reinstalling the drivers, and if that still doesn't work, post a screenshot of the settings windows and we'll see if we can figure out what is going on.

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When I set up Kubuntu 12.04 LTS, I didn't get an option to use the Open Source graphic driver (nouveau). Ubuntu automatically sets up the Nvidia driver automatically, at least it did for me. I have a GTX 550 Ti card. These newer cards need the most recent nvidia drivers, so, there's always a possibility that the driver that was used during installation was one of the older stable drivers instead of one of the newer ones.

I know this thread is old, so, I'm offering this for anyone who's looking for answers.

I could not use my new 550 Ti with nouveau until the 3.4 kernel was released. The open source drivers were not up to the newer Fermi technology until 3.4. So, if you're trying to use one of these new cards with an older kernel, you'll have to use Nvidia's proprietary driver.

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