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Hello and thanks for reading this and maybe helping me decide wat to do.

I want to make one of my very old computers into my music player.
i have this old computer that used to run win95, witch i want to put a Linux os on.
i have a unraid server on witch i have all my music.
right now im using my laptop to listen to my music by connecting my stereo installation to it.
wat i want is to install a simple and fast linux on my old computer so that i can use it as music player in combination with my server.
the only things my old computer needs to do is to play the mp3 files that are on my server and to play internet radio.

i hope someone can help me decide wat kind of os would be the best solution.

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Hmm guess you could choose between different ones, maybe try some minimal installation and just add the musicplayer of choice.
How much RAM does your laptop have?

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well like i said its an old computer, it hase an impresive 2 x 32 mb ram so 64mb

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Well there are some of those tiny ones, Puppylinux,DamnSmallLinux.
They can be used from a usb stick.

Heres a link with some info about some of them.

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thanks for the help

im gona try DSL, ill post if it works or not :)


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Yeah sure =)

its not the most updated one but seems to have been around for a long time, and for some more basic stuff like playing mp3s i guess it might be a good one.

Let me know

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