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PC Security question regarding dual Linux and Windows operating systems

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mfillpot said:

The likelyhood of the viri files being transferred is small because more of the infected files stay in your temporary internet files which are hidden in the core Os. but it is better to be safe than sorry which is why Linux based file servers and mail server usually run some kind of AV software to protect the windows clients.

There are some free av apps like clamAv that you can schedule to run on your system and use to scan shared partitions and external media to help prevent spreading the viri to windows based hosts.

Am I correct in understanding you to mean that clamAv is capable of scanning the Windows partition as well? How well does it compare to some of the top Windows-based security software like Bitdefender and Kaspersky Antivirus?

Link to this post 05 Jul 13

First I will comment on the virtual machine question that I overlooked. I virtual machine is a virtual computer with virtual hardware that you can run from within an operating system link a general application, some popular personal virtualization software are virtualbox, virtualpc, kvm. With this solution you can launch the windows based virtual host from within you Linux based OS, unless you chose otherwise the virtual machine is restricted from communicating with the primary OS data and hardware. Virtualbox has what is called a snapshot tool that allows you to save a virtual machine at a specific time and revert back to it when you need, in this was you can install a virtual machine with windows and set a snapshot from the initial install that can be reverted if an infection occurs.

#d acceleration is used in video cards for things such as transparency effects and some video games, unfortunately the only was to find out if something needs it is when you gen an error message, however at least in virtuabox you can enable a guest machine to use 3d acceleration on specific hardware.

ClamAv is used as the core for many of the commercial AV software because it is free, the protection is quite good and generally better than norton or mcafee which I have found to both be jokes. You can use ClamAV as a base in the Linux OS to catch most issues and still install a commercial AV product in the windows installation to accent your protection. I have never used bitdefender of Kaspersky, but for my friend and family with windows I always recommend Antivir because it is outperformed every other AV I have attempted to use for cleanup.

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