Peppermint os 4

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Hello everyone. I've started using peppermint os 4 as a replacement for my winddows xp. It's installed on an old hp desktop.
Specs are: 32bit, 768mb ram 80GB internal hard drive, cdrw and dvd drive. It has an intel celeron processor. 2.5ghz so far I'm not inpressed with it because it seems slow to load. I can't seem to find drivers for it. Question is could there be another distro that might work better. I also have another desktop with windows 7 but it is used for other things, but both are connection to my wireless router, but are hard wired. Thanks

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Your problem is the very low system specs, most window managers and distros now have slightly high recommended requirements. The drivers for nearly all hardware are included in the stock installation, with linux you generally do not have to worry about drivers.

You may do better if you try a more lightweight distro live lubuntu, xubuntu, fedora xfce remix, etc... as they require less resources.

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I did read about some ametuer radio repos in fedora, but not sure about the difference between lxde xfce and the like. thanks mfillpot it's worth checking into. I had to look at my specs and get them right for the hp desktop

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