Phishing attempt at

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All friend requests are send as text from, you don't have to worry about any bugs, that is unless they are masking their email server as

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Thanks for posting this, Frank. If it is an issue, others will pop in and post here, I'm sure.

On a probably unrelated note: The server has BEEN SLOW AS MOLASSES this evening from the Tampa area. I bypassed my local DNS by using their IP ( and it was still slow as hell. I wonder what's up with that.

Hey mfillpot, this is why I accidently double-posted on the Slackware Linux Users group earlier. I felt like I was on dial-up again. :(

Anywho... :side:

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I'm not feeling the delay, have you ran trace route to determine the point of lag?

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No. I didn't. It seems to be all better now, anyway. Probably just a local node that was slowing things up.

Hmm... a drop out at (node 25). This is's nameserver at Oregon State U. *scratching head*

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Brian is aware of this issue and has banned the account in question. He is also searching for anti spam solutions to prevent this from happening again.:)

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COOL! So it wasn't just your imagination. I still wonder how they got your email addy? :(

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