Phishing attempt at

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Actually it sounds like they sent spam through a friend request and did not actually get the email address.

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just been spammed as well, shame that i have already sent all my money to an uncle i did not know i had in Nigeria, linux spammed come on we can't have that!

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We are aware of these attempts. We're implementing some fixes to the system to prevent, but for now, e-mail anytime you get these things, and try to ID the user so we can kick them off immediately. There will be zero-tolerance of spamming, via forums, e-mails, and DMs.


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It won't be long before there will be posts directing us to cheap Nike gear from a Chinese website. That's what continues to happen on the interactive fiction usenet group.

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Hi just a quick note to say I got the same message today form the user with the id 4576

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