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Please recommend a fast linux distribution

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Hello,I tried several distributions from most types of enviroments and I can't seem to find one that can make me move out from XP.
The last I tried was Lubuntu 11.10 it seemed to be the most lightest version of Lubuntu but still not faster than Xp.
I did a little comparison.
I took an audio file of 458 MB and transfered from Destktop to Home/Videos and it took 17:37 seconds while in XP from desktop to my documents it took 17:34 seconds and I also had Avast antivirus installed.
Eventaully I come back at Xp for performance.
Perhaps some advice?

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My specs are
AMD Athlon x64 3000+ 1.8Ghz ,1GB ram,300 GB HDD and 512MB Ati radeon.

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Its 17 seconds and 37 miliseconds.

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Your comparing the data transfer speed of a windows file system to that of a journaling Linux file system, that doesn't need to be defragged and can hold over 4GB of data, and, the 3 milliseconds difference brings you back to XP? It doesn't make much sense.

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Does Cool and quiet work well in Lubuntu or should I disable it from bios?

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You should think about buying a SSD.

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