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I have 2 network printers available to me - HP Officejet 6500 and Lexmark Prevail Pro 705. The HP installs in both Ubuntu and Mint (they are, after all basically the same). However, I can't get my Lexmark to install "out of the box", as there are no drivers included in either Distro. As I am a newbie to Linux, I am not yet comfortable working on the command line. Is there a simple, safe way to get the Lexmark installed? The Lexmark site implies that this printer is not compatible with Ubuntu-like OS newer than 10.10

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Lexmark has only recently started providing drivers again for Linux systems. For the longest while they couldn't care less about Linux. Which is strange since Networked systems usually use Linux for the server and the network printers are usually attached to servers.

You can do a search for your printer model here:

Searching for your printer I came up with this link:

Which led me to this link for the Linux printer driver:

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To GoinEasy9

Thnx for your quick - and useful - reply.

I followed your suggestions and was able to get my Lexmark Prevail Pro 705 to print - almost! About a third of the way thru the print job it seemed to freeze and the only way to clear it was to manually press the "cancel" button on the printer. The only difference (other than drivers) that I can see between the Lexmark and my HP OfficeJet 6500 is that the Lexmark is WiFi. Could it be timing out? After all, the print process for the Lexmark is painfully slow, while the process on the HP is almost instantaneous.

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Sorry for the slow response, I've had a heavy work load this week.

I've had that same problem in the past on my wired HP's. It's probably due to the driver, although, if your using a Lexmark printer through wifi in Linux, you've already taken one step farther than anyone I've heard of using Lexmark drivers in Linux. It could be that the Lexmark drivers are using a different wireless mode than the one you're using in your router. You know, -g or -n.
You may want to try re-installing, or, see if there is a driver for a similar Lexmark printer and try that driver. It's probably a DIY experiment at this point. I don't have a Lexmark printer, but, the ones I have to use at work have an extensive configuration menu, you may find something in there that may help you configure it differently. It may also explain the slow speed of the print. I'm only guessing at this point, but let us know if you find a solution, or, if you come across anything that we can help you look into.

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