Reporting ? or My Ignorance ?

Link to this post 21 May 09

I have noticed the same thing on some of my posts from when the site was in beta, hopefully the staff can run a quick script to update those links.

Link to this post 21 May 09

at the second day of this site is open i already experience it but ignoring it and closing the box, and when i experience it more, i thought that this is a feature of an thread, but i think that it can be a virus or what.

hope the admins can resolve it soon, because it can be a hole of this site.

Link to this post 21 May 09

A virus? If you're running Windows, and you're not seeing the dialog, then that's possible, otherwise it's extremely unlikely. That's kinda one of the many benefits of Linux.

Link to this post 21 May 09

Please send a message to Brian Profitt listing the discussion that is prompting the message so they have a starting point to work on a resolution.

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