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You can do this with "screen". It may already be installed, depending on your distro.

There are a few guides out there to explain how to use screen, but here is a quick run through to (hopefully) get want you to accomplish.

First, start a screen session with the command "screen"

To split the console window, press "Ctrl"+"a" (This is the sequence to start a command) followed by "S" (note the capital S)

Now, you want to create a new session in your new region.
"Ctrl"+"a" followed by "tab" to change focus to the new area.

"Ctrl"+"a" followed by "c" to bring up a prompt here.

Now you have two "terminals" in one TTY.

A few more helpful tips.

Help screen: "Ctrl"+"a" then ?
Close other 'tab': "Ctrl"+"a" then "Q"
Detach screen (to leave processes running): "Ctrl"+"a" then "d"

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