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Suggestions for older high end laptop

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I am brand new to linux and looking to install on a 6 year old lap top that is still spec'd out fairly well. Currently running Vista like a complete dog, and need an overhaul. The machine is an Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 gHz with 4 G of RAM and a 1G dedicated Video card. Also has a 350 GB hard drive. This is not going to be my main computer anymore as I have to Run Adobe CS6 but will run the family media center and e-mail, netflix, skype, etc. I am looking for suggestions on where to start and what distro would work for my needs.

Thank you

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To use Netflix you should be looking at something like Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Fedora.

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I have a Core2Duo @ 3.0GHz with 8GB RAM and run antiX-13.2 quite successfully and it's pleasingly fast. Wireless can prove to be a problem with Debian-based distros like antiX if the wireless card requires proprietary drivers (Broadcom is most notorious) but, since yours is a desktop and you will most likely use a good wireless router like Netgear (don't try LinkSys), It should not be a problem getting netflix up and running.

If your video card is nVidia, that could be another potential issue with any distro, not just a Debian-based one, due to proprietary drivers and lack of support for so-called Legacy cards. Hardware compatibility is the issue and certain sites will serve to inform you of general degrees of compatibility --

for example. There are others.

Try LinuxMint-13-xfce or LinuxLite, as suggestions. 32-bit will make it less likely that architecture and/or other issues may become a problem.

Long Term Support (LTS) versions are what one should seek as a newbie trying distro in the 'buntu family, of which the two noted are members. Especially if running "legacy" hardware.

Should one really want to speed things up, with your hardware a Samsung SSD would liven things up considerably and give the biggest bang for the buck.

Welcome, and best wishes!

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