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Hi, I am new to all this and probably have some ideas that I want my computer to do and do not exist. But there is this one thing I would like to get my computer to do. I am not quite sure how to explain it but I will do my best. What I would like to do is combine all the computers I have and make a really powerful system that also has something like artificial inteligence. If an of you have watched the tv series "Ocean Girl" you might understand what I am talking about because their HELEN 3000 is something like what I want to do.

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It looks like you want a cluster, read for instructions on setting one up.

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The AI part is just about programming it right, and it's bad to say that you want AI it is better to say what you want it to do. You might want to look into the programming language Lisp commonly used in AI programming. And you don't need to combine the computers to program AI. For most smaller applications I think todays computers are more than fast enough, the problem is in the programming. And combining computers to act as one just add complexity.

As you see AI is a wide topic:

The best and only book I have on the topic is "Artificial intelligence A modern approach" (second edition Stuart J. Russell + Peter Norvig) I recommend it if you want to learn more about AI It has very hi quality in my opinion. (I have a China only ex. that I got second hand: ISBN: 7-302-12829-4/TP 8162)

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Ok so this stuff looks like going in the right direction. Now how would I be able to talk to the computer in every room in a house? Would I have to install a mic in every room?

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i see what you are trying to do but the technology for that wont be made for at least 10 more years and not publicly relesed for 5 more years and then it would cost millions. they propably couldnt make what you want if they got every single piece of technology in the world

if it was made i would be the first to get it

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All this really got me thinking. I don't know about you, but when I think of clustering, I automatically think about using old computers and old technology. Then I said to myself what if we use some of the newer stuff that is becoming more popular today? Then a thought hit me. I remember seeing in Lowe's an HDMI kit that allows someone to hardwire the home with hdmi. And at Best Buy I remember seeing HDMI cables that carry not only audio and video but also ethernet. All we would need then is an HDMI monitor 15"-20" that has a built in web cam and a good quality mic (and speakers, of course). Then we could put one monitor in each room of the house wherever one wants one. The whole system would probably be in the basement (or storage closet if you do not have a basement). The system would be a cluster containing of 10 CPU's. The CPU's would have at least 10 GB of RAM and 20 TB of storage(anyone can change these. I just made them up) The whole system would have some sort of artificial inteligence system on it. The main computer would probably be based in the living room attached to the TV. Here we would have a web cam mounted on top of the TV, wireless keyboard and mouse, and a bluetooth headset. The only things that has me stumped is how would one hook all the HD monitors to the system and what type of OS would run this.
Some software that would be cool to have on this system is something that would let you call one room from another room at the monitors. It would also be nice to run some third party software that only works (as far as I know) on Windows XP so that you could hook up a home automation system up to the system and so that one could hook up a security system up to the main system.
Leave comments!!! Let me know about you ideas, and perhaps someone knows someone who would be able to finance such an experiment. ;-)

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