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The new looks REALLY cool, much better than Microsoft's site (in my opinion (and i'm not being biased)).

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Still needs a bit of ironing, because there are /lots/ of things going on in the site, and getting through everything isn't perfectly sorted yet, but I believe that it will get there.

A few remarks (just my personal opinion):

Distribution news needs Distro image tags, the Download Linux tab isn't well placed.

The Answers page doesn't quite make sense to me.. Nor do most of the Learn pages, come to think of it.. The information just isn't displayed effectively.

Directory? Books and software downloads? Those are on different neural pathways for me..

Also, there's a lot of things that aren't explained well.. What are "applications" on my user screen? What does the different categories mean? What tone does the rating button mean on the answers?

It might just be me being silly, but I know that there are lots of silly people out there :P

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bah I think that in time many things will change regarding new layout/site structure

Maybe most of what doesn't look good or make sense to this point is the result of doing so many changes and try to put them together

Anyway, if the changes are good or bad only time will say, from my point of view at least I think this changes are going well but surely there's a lot that needs to be done still :)

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mwoster wrote:

Thanks, Mike.

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Yes, I totally agree that things will change for the best, but criticism is necessary to identify what needs to change :)

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