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Yes the site looks great and all.
But why oh why are these flash adds here?
Why is stuffed up with proprietary stuff that makes the site run 10times slower and closes up the source code to the user?

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What about using Adblock Plus [1]? I have been free of advertisment for a long time now. And of course I use FlashBlock [2] so even if the add was displayed, it wouldn't play me up.


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no, he has a valid point.

flash is complete crap on linux. on fresh installs of anything (at this moment, linux mint 7) flash elements crash in firefox all the time, in the middle of youtube movies, in the middle of page loads, it is, crap. it only got worse after they added 64 bit support.

i have to use my macbook (not that that causes me pain, as it is my favourite computer) just to do things that involve flash so i know they will not crash in the middle of them.

also the ads are so huge the site area is so narrow.

as for opensourcing the site, i could not care less if it was or was not. really do not care.

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On the "Answer",

I can't revise my question there. I can't find any button or link to do that. But, in the question detail there is information about last revised...

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Very nice. Joomla is the best. The site is clean, organized and dare I say fun?

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I'm actually very interested and excited to see the changes to Color scheme and content layout is well designed. I was a regular surfer of the old site so I can say I do like where is headed.

As with anything new there are going to be things that work wonderfully and some things that need some tweaking. Top couple of suggestions I have are:

1. Better spam protection. I shouldn't be getting solicitation to buy my medications from Canada or be told how I can be more appeasing to the ladies if I take a little blue pill. Too many automated bots seem to be creating accounts and posting jibberish and creating groups.

2. Rework the CSS. The columns need to be wider. I've noticed on my browser (Firefox) it tends to cut words off.

3. Better messages/email functionality. I can't create group lists to send one message to everyone. I'm unable to include more than one friend at a time on a message. Would be cool to see an integration of what Gmail has or Yahoo.

In some ways it would appear they are using Joomla, Drupal or Liferay as the base foundation of the site.

It's still new enough that there are teething problems, but I definitely like where it is headed. I'm ready and willing to participate, be a proponent for, market and contribute to!

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