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Last_Dino wrote:

I think that It looks much nicer and more professional. The ads don't bother me so much... it's not like they're inviting us to shoot ducks to win a prize or to take the[i] ULTIMATE QUIZ!!!!!1!!![/i] or something like that.

I think that the forum topics need some revision.

There should be a "General Discussion" that could house linux news discussions, etc. Under hardware, there should be an "Other" category that would accommodate questions about hardware not listed or general hardware discussions, such as "What MoBo is the best to build a 64 bit Linux system?"

Most of all I think it's a [b]terrible[/b] idea to divide the discussion into specific Distros or to ask for a "favorite Distro" to register. Here's Why:

1 - There is no way to list every distro. I'm currently using elive, which is based in Debian, but my home computer uses Mint, which is based on Ubuntu, which is also in turn based on Debian. What Distro would I pick?

2 - As stated above, many people use multiple distros or switch frequently. I've also extensively used Mandriva and Sabayon (which is based on Gentoo, which is not even listed in the forums).

3 - Individual distros already have their own communities, forums, wikis, chatrooms, etc. to discuss all sorts of aspects related to that specific distro. If someone has a Distro-specific question or comment, it will almost always be better off posted at one of those resources than here.

4 - Many of the "distribution" questions that people have here are questions about which distribution will serve them best, or comparisons between distros. What forum should they post in?

Basically, it just doesn't make sense ideologically or practically to have the forums divided this way. It has the potential to create disparity in the wider Linux community, and it doesn't serve the needs of the people who use this site.

I agree with this. It seems to me that should be a neutral zone for all Linux users and not just the most favored. I don't think distros should be segregated in the way that they are.

I hope this helps.

P.S. I'm also a Sabayon user. :)

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All in all, I'd have to say so far, so good. I am crossing my fingers that this site will morph into something more slick and stream-lined (particularly layout-wise) as the weeks progress - am I way off here? Keep up the good work, guys. You are certainly attracting attention - group memberships are growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, my biggest grievance would be that the Groups are outa control and need to be reorg'd.

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privacy options need major help.

public profile is key, but still some common sense fields like "phone number" should not show up even on "everyone"

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I really like the concept of what they are trying to do with this site. Take whats best about social networking sites, and pour it into making the linux community much stronger.

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I like it, nice job....

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All the things are fine and interesting. There is no comment on the content and topics . i liked the way joomla configured for the site.

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