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Transfering files from MAC to remote server

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I am very new to linux and I fear I may have done something stupid. I use a MAC which operates on OSX Tiger 10.4.11.

First of all, I am trying to use software on a remote server, and at one point I could open the software on my computer. I had to authenticate with a password to access the remote server. Unfortunately, I need to access data that is on my personal computer, and not on the remote server. I installed some freeware that uses sshfs and that went well. Then, I attempted to install software that would make use of my MAC keychain to automatically log me into the remote server. When installing with the software, I entered:

ssh (the website for the software)

and I was warned that the security was not verified but asked if I wanted to continue. I said yes. Then it asked for a password and my administrative and keychain password did not work. I fear I have left my computer wide open for someone to access.

Further, when I now log into the remote server, it tells me:

Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.

This didn't happen before. Also, I can't access the software on the server, whereas I could before I used the



Have I jeopardized my computer? How can I get rid of the fake authentication warning and once again use the software on the remote server? Finally, How can I get files from my computer into my user file on the remote server?

If anyone is able to help, I thank you in advance.


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I use ssh to go to and from computers (Linux/Windows) a lot, and I prefer to use SSH keys, instead of passwords. I've never done this on a Mac, but the theory is the same and I think it will work. If you prefer to use SSHKeychain - I can't help.

But if you want to try the keys method (which is a more "native" solution), take a look at this tutorial:

In a nutshell:
1. generate your ssh keys on your local host ($HOME/.ssh/id_dsa*)
2. copy public key ($HOME/.ssh/ to the remote server
3. on server, put contents of pubkey in $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys2
4. protect the authorized_keys2 file (chmod 0600 ...)

now you run this command, e.g., without being prompted for a password:

[me@localhost] ssh me@server

As for copying files to the remote server, you could use the scp command, e.g.:

[me@localhost] scp /tmp/myfile.txt me@server:/tmp

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Are you controlling the computer with ssh or are you trying to access files on the computer?

If you want to just access files netatalk has made my Mac, Linux mixed environment work seamlessly. AFP seems to run faster than smb or nfs in my experience. (could be configuration issues)

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