Unrecoverable Error

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Jut tried to install Ubutu 12.04 on my pc that I had uninstalled Windows and formatted the drive prior to installing Ubutu. Just about all the way through to the end of the installation I got a message stating "Installer has encountered an unrecoverable error and will now start a desktop session for you to .........". Cant remember the rest sorry!

The OS seems to run ok from that point once the desktop is loaded from the cd but system will not boot properly without having the Ubutu installation cd in the drive. Then of course it tries again to install.

I went through the process again telling it to erase Ubutu and reinstall Ubutu with the seme error message at the end.



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What is the make + model + any other info about this system you can provide?

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Try to go to repair mode(GUI) and invoke the option "boot installed system" / whatever it is by inserting the setup cd. Hope next time is will boot properly.

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An unrecoverable error may be hardware based, as the new Ubuntu requires newer hardware, and will fail to install on some older hardware. That's why there are different versions of Ubuntu, that is, versions made for older computers. Unless you're more specific about your hardware, there really is no way of answering your question.

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Sorry Fellas, I have been trying to get the info on my system. The Windows OS has been erased and the hard drive formated before attempting a fresh install. I know I am running a creative sound blaster pro for video card and I'm pretty sure the system is about 7-8 years old. I will try to provide more specifics this week.

Someone mentioned Ubuntu is primarily for newer hardware. Is there an older version that may be better suited to my antiquated machine here?

It was getting so slow that a freind mentioned I should try Linux and breath some new life into the old girl. Well here I am complete nube and failures on both systems I have tried to install on. I also tried to install Ubuntu on my laptop an Acer Aspire 3900 but I believe with it there is a lack of memory RAM. The laptop only has 512 and it dedicates somethint like 20 some megs for video leaving my 448 mb remaining. I'm told Ubuntu needs 512 when used from a usb drive.


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The Ubuntu derivative Lubuntu may be what you're looking for. It was designed for older hardware, and, hardware that has minimum memory, disk space etc.

Lubuntu link from DistroWatch:

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