UPDATE for my Dell D600

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Hello everyone, I decided I had better get all the spec's for my dell latitude d600 and post them to see what linix os I can use. I use my laptop for personal and business use for my Ham Radio events, such as skywarn and emergency communications.
So here are my spec's
Dell latitude D600 model PP05L
40GB internal hard drive
ATI Radeon 9000 32mb video memory
Pentium M 1.80 ghz/600mhz
intel wireless card
512mb memory at 266mhz
cdrw/dvd drive
level 2 cache 2048kb
56k data fax modem internal
2 usb ports, vga port, rs 232 port
onboard Ethernet controller.
I don't understand the distro's if they are separate of an os or not. I do however plan on upgrading my system. Thanks everyone I just don't like windows xp so I'll be doing a fresh install of the os. Thanks

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Given the specs you have, you can install either xubuntu or lubuntu. Both are light system resources since they are designed for low-spec systems. If you were used to windows XP, xubuntu will be the closes to its easy of use.

I don't know the speed of your GPU or its latency metrics so xubuntu would be the safest route.

Memory and cpu will work well, and xubuntu has an updated kernel that should provide the firmware for you internel and external devices.

Linux is an OS. The reason it is termed distro is because most of the linux OSes are remixes of another linux OS, e.g, ubuntu derived from debian, fedora
derived from RedHat.

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Thanks I'll try that because it takes so long for win xp to load up. If I need further assistance, I sure will asking. Thanks so much.

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