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Upgrading Limpus Linux Lite v1.0.3.E

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I have been the owner of an Acer Aspire One for a few years now. It's been running Limpus Linux Lite v1.0.3.E BIOS version v0.3109. I have tried countless times to upgrade to the latest version, but have never been able to figure out how to run the download. Nor have I been able to find any terrestrial technician where I live who could help me. Consequently, my learning curve of Linux has stalled.

How can I upgrade Limpus Linux v1.0.3.E? I've given up trying.


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Why don't you just install a different linux like Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuse...

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Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. But to be more specific, I can download the updated version of Limpus Linux, but I cannot find a way to install it; or I just don't know how to do it. It's not like Windows, which gives you prompts if you are clueless like me. In fact, I have no such difficulties with Microsoft.

There is a lot of other pieces of software I have tried installing on the Limpus Linux platform as well without any success. Consequently, I am of the view that I should be able to download Ubuntu etc, but I will still need guidance on how to install.


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Well, I have no idea how Limpus Linux works (in fact, I hadn't heard of it until you talked about it).

Anyway, I can assure you Fedora, Opensuse or Ubuntu are pretty straightforward: click,click,click and you are done with everything :)

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I'm confused. I know about Linpus Linux, but, Googling Limpus Linux gives me hits with Acer Aspire, but, in the body of the articles, refers to Linpus Linux, in multiple articles.

Linpus itself has very few releases:
But, none of their releases match the version that the OP has mentioned.

I would conclude after Googling a bit more that the laptop was given the name Limpus, but used Linpus Linux. Well, how can Acer make it more confusing?

If you go to one of the Linpus apps, like the terminal app, or the editor app, and hit the help button. Look for "About Linpus" as one of the choices. In KDE I can go to kwrite, for example, and can see "About KDE" as the bottom choice. Go into that choice, and see if you can find the Linpus version number that you're running. That will give us an idea as to how old or obscure the version is.

As far as updating. There is a PDF that tells you how to update from Linpus Lite 1.6 to Linpus Lite 1.7 at this link:

One would have to know if the version you're running is capable of being upgraded without jumping through hoops. From the pdf, it seems that they are asking you to back up your files, then do a re-install. That is, if the OS on your Acer is Linpus, or some variant named Limpus.

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Assuming there is a little bit of confusion, might be it is Linpus Linux, though I am not sure, cause Linux is open SW and there r variant flavors of Linux OS. As far as my knowledge, Linpus Linux Lite is designed specifically to meet all low-cost PCs and mobile devices requirements. Running smoothly on a lower grade hardware unit. Actually it offers 2 kinds of Desktop modes like "Simple" and "Advanced". Now query arises that, which one u r using now !! Acer Aspire One and Norhtec Gecko come with Linpus Lite pre-installed, Remember, Linpus uses Xfce as default wind manager..... though u mentioned here u r the owner of Acer Aspire One, might be it is not fully open source and some of the feature is sharedware, if u register & purchase a full version, probably u can overcome this issue.

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