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Using Dvorak for typing and QWERTY for commands

Link to this post 10 Jul 09

To read the fully outfleshed blogpost fallow this link:

What you end up reading if you fallow the link to my blog post is the question: Is there any way to make QWERTY the active layout when right Ctrl and other command-keys are pressed in Linux?

I use the Dvorak simplified keyboard layout on all my computers, but the applications I use are designed for QWERTY. So all commands such as Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are no longer onehandmoves you can do with your other hand on the mouse.

In Windows I use an tray application that a friend of mine has developed, basicly the development started because the bult in layout switcher in Windows is the most random piece of crap on this earth.

In GNOME there are support for altering keyboard layout when some keys are pressed and then change back. But not for the most used command key, right Ctrl.

So is there anyone out there who knows how to solve this little problem of mine?

Link to this post 15 Jul 09

Have you considered programming a function key to do this? That should be simple enough I would think.

Link to this post 15 Jul 09

Depends on what you mean by function key.
Using the commandkeys themselves as trigger keys in the Gnome keyboard UI is pointless since that renders the keys themselves useless for actually doing commands other than changing the keyboard layout.

Link to this post 16 Jul 09

Back on topic
Is there anyone out here who knows how to do this? Or how it might be done.

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