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Just installed victorlinux in old pc. think I did it right, but when I took the cd out and restarted, all I get is 01 01 01 01 etc. what tha???????????????????? help please. what did I do wrong. just beginning with Linux. want to learn. have several older pc that husband has fixed and want to use Linux.

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Been there, done that...

Are you using Lilo rather than Grub?

0x01	Illegal Command	This shouldn't happen, but if it does, it may indicate an attempt to access a disk which is not supported by the BIOS. Definitely check to see if the disk is seen by the BIOS first (and that the BIOS detail is complete).

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I have Victor on a CD. Does it say to pick Lilo rather than Grub anywhere? Bear with me, please, the disk is a RW good disk. How do I do this? Sorry, but I am really a beginner.

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Do you mean VectorLinux?

If so, look at this:

Scroll down to: 5. The Installation Process Step by Step
Look at: Repair lilo (Linux Loader). This is a handy utility in case you have an installed Vector Linux, but somehow you cannot boot it because of corrupted LILO.

This may be what you need to use.

Please note that accepted wisdom says do not use a CD-RW! Use either a CD-R or possibly a USB stick.

You might also look at:

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thanks. I did use a rw. will check website and post later.

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