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As another nEWb,

I would say on your laptop that one of the flavors of Ubuntu would work. There is an article about Xbuntu which uses the xfce (I think ) desktop which is lighter than Gnome. There is also a light weight version of Ubuntu and Kbuntu, which uses the KDE desktop. I would say get three or 4 "liveCD's" and try them if you have enough ram there may be an option to load to ram, Curiously enough, I'm running the Linux From Scratch livecd and I like it , I'm sure that it's not fully featured but it does everything I need to do running out of ram. Knoppix was the first liveCD I think so I wouldn't leave that out and crunchbang linux sounds like it's worth a look as well.
I have Ubuntu on my main machine and run virtualbox with many version of windows os installed as I still have to provide support for my windows user friends. I've had no issues to this point with Ubuntu, however I don't like the default setup as far as looks it's brown and drab.... but if that's the worst thing I can say then that's really nothing worth noting. Good Luck

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For beginners, I would recommend Mint over Ubuntu since it's basically Ubuntu with an OOTB experience. It has preinstalled Java, Flash, codecs, drivers, and plugins.

Moreover, the Mint Menu is much nicer than the standard Gnome one that Ubuntu comes with.

It all depends on your laziness level. :laugh:

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