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I have used both Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS. The biggest difference is in one is KDE based, the other is gnome.

While both will get one started in Linux, neither comes with the development tools necessary to compile software. That's why I like Slackware. But it requires a lot of configuration, and extra stuff to do to get multimedia stuff going. Its not hard, but a bit daunting to the new user.

Everything you need is available for both Ubuntu and PClinuxOS, you just have to spend a lot of time in the repositories.

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My list for a beginning Linux Adventurer would be:

Ubuntu (or Kubuntu)
Linux Mint
Simply Mepis

There are other possibilities, but the above three Debian-based distributions are designed specifically with the beginning Linux user in mind. They're easy to install, stable, and have most of what a typical user would need right out of the box.

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Adding 1 point to great ubuntu Distro.

For my opinion regarding the difference of the two Distro.

pclinuxOS = Kde
--more graphical slow performance

Ubuntu = Gnome
--Handsome interface friendly user interface good Packages/application support.


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Many thanks for all your input.

I was already looking at Ubuntu, but would you recomment KDE or GNOME?

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Gnome is lighter and simpler to use than KDE. However, if you like customizing your desktop, then you'll probably prefer KDE.

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so Kubuntu is the way forward....

Thanks for your help.

I think I need to register rather than just being a guest.


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