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We need some form of moderation on PM's!

Link to this post 24 May 09

Im starting to recieve spam in my PM's from fellow members. Apparently there is no way to report it, or report the sender, or anything. We need some form of moderation there as well as with the groups if anybody expects this site to survive.

Here is a copy of the message that was sent to me by a user with the nickname lizzy.

Dear Friend, I know that this is an unusual platform for us to be discussing this Kind of business but the situation has necessitated me to use this Medium to communicate you for now. But let me introduce myself to you. I am Miss. Elizabeth Mark, the manager of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance department of my Bank. In my department I discovered an abandoned sum of US$14.5M, (Fourteen Million, and Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) at our head office Accra Ghana, that belongs to one of our foreign customers, who died along with his wife and only son in a plane crash of Alaska Airlines Flight number 261 which crashed on 31 January, 2000. The owner of this account is Mr. Morris Thompson an American and great industrialist and a resident of Alaska. It is therefore upon this discovery that I now decided to make this Business proposal to you and for our bank to release the money to You, for more detail send me an email in my private email address( or ) Yours truly, Miss. Elizabeth Mark.

Link to this post 24 May 09

Staff @ are well-aware of this issue and that SPAMMER. :(

Link to this post 24 May 09

You will probably notice an increase in spam at the email address you used to sign up here. I went from about 10 spams a month to around 40 in three days starting right after signing up here. I think the trigger was opening the PM from Elizabeth Mark. I got one too
and posted about it here a couple of days ago as well as letting the moderators know about it. I opened it thinking it was legit. I will not open any future PM's from here.

Incidentally this is a classic "phishing" message.
Funny thing is con men often refer to their victims as "marks".
Elizabeth "Mark" anyone.

Everything about this letter is "phishy".:laugh:

Link to this post 24 May 09

Bastages! All SPAMMERS should DIE!

Link to this post 24 May 09

Yes, i recieved the same spam, i deleted it.

Link to this post 26 May 09

Eric dont let spammers die the balance will never reach if only good guys like us only exist.


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