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Well, I think this post is needed to introduce our self to the other members of Linux, I'll start the post:

Hi all, my name is Aaron and I'm from Mexico, I use Fedora and if you need help with this Distro I can help... Regards

good idea? bad idea? let's see if this post works or not... who know, maybe we can find some friends

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Ah, another Fedoraholic. Welcome to the Forum, I'm Tom, one of the moderators, and it's nice to have another Fedora user join the fun.

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Well, my name is Marc and I'm from Barcelona. My mothertongue is catalan, love sports, reading and playing with linux :D I usually run Archlinux...

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Hi Tom thanks, it's nice to be here :D

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Welcome to the community, I look forward to seeing your contributions and what I can learn from you. ;)

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I think I'll learn from you :D

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