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What can I do with Linux? (The MythTV thread)

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I am not really a newbie with Linux, but I am lacking inspiration right now. I have an old P4 that is lying in my closet and I am wondering what cool thing I could do with it. I could always install a LAMP server and try to have my own web server, but I would like to do something cooler. My favorite distrib is Debian, but I could always install Ubuntu or Fedora. Or anything you find so awesome that I absolutely have to check it out! ;)

Thanks for your ideas!


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I would recommed trying out Ubuntu Server edition, it is command line based, but you can easily install a LAMP server, Samba Server, FTP, etc... you can then find ways to implemenet the services on that box throughout your network for backups, a http based streaming music server, firewall, proxy server, Intrustion detection system, honeypot, etc.

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If you have a HDTV or a large screen lying around, why not try installing Boxee on it and turn it into a media centre,
or setup as an iFolder server. and possibly
as a backup server using BackupPC or the like?

Infact I have an old laptop (2005) sitting at home doing the first two...:)

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My old Pentium 4 clocked at 2.6ghz is now my secondary desktop via Linux Mint. I use it for my internet needs and other stuff. Nothing fancy or special.

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Wow, thanks for your replies guys!

I actually tought about building a media center, but quickly got discouraged by the lack of easy how-to. But I honestly did not search very long since I was at my job while doing the research :blush: Anyway I will definitly look out for that Boxee thing.

A backup server would also be a great idea. My disaster recovery plan right now consists mostly in crying over my dead computer if anything bad happens :P

I also looked into a domotic server, but I feel like the project would be a bit too hard to complete :dry:

Thanks again!


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If your thinking of a media center, I've been told that MythBuntu is easy to set up and is easily managed.
The file is sitting in my downloads folder waiting for me to get some time to play with it. It's been recommended to me by folks running it, so, hey, if you give it a shot, let me know.

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