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What do you think of This Forum Software

Link to this post 28 Apr 09

I personally don't like it very much. Everything feels way to cramped and busy compared to say ubuntuforums or fedoraforum. I

I think the right side panel should be shrunk considerably to expand the left panel.

I would get rid of the latest featured blogs part. And move the latest forum posts and popular threads to the top or bottom.

I'd allow more post per-page. I hate having to click next-page so often. A default of 10-20 should be sufficient.

Link to this post 30 Apr 09

The Forum is not too bad. There should be the possibility to remove some settings (the automatic subscription when answering to a thread or the automatic "New Post"-Email for example - both reported to the "Bugtracker").

In addition, one could work on the forum's performance and and clear up the right sidebar, so the forum itself gets more room and look less cluttered.

Link to this post 01 May 09

I don't like the predefined width of the main pieces on the site. On my monitor with a 1650x1050 resolution there is alot of wasted space that I would like to be filled with relevant data. Would it be possible to modify the format to leave the right bar at the same width, but extend the left (data) portion to fill the remaining screen space?
This should make a better use of the space for users with resolutions that differ from the standard 1024x768.

I also agree with jdeslip's recommendations.

Link to this post 13 May 09

I agree with the others about the design needing some tweaking - especially the main window needing to be widened. I would add that the design at the top of the forum also is wasting too much space (do we really need to see large pix of our own profiles?) . For me, the first post does not appear until about two thirds of the way down the screen (1280x1024). It would also be nice to have the content in the right frame be preference-driven (like slashdot, e.g.). And, hey, my ' is escaping!

Link to this post 13 May 09

The width of the forums is something that we will be addressing following the formal launch of the site. Its functionality is working very well, but the width of the content is a bit tight.

Thanks for the feedback,
Brian Proffitt

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