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What do you think of This Forum Software

Link to this post 12 Jun 09

me too think the body part is slightly small. so i request amins to increase the width of the body part and decrease the width of right panel

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You know, I don't mind the software so much, but I don't really like the design. The column width for the main content is too small, making everything feel cramped.

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It's strange that the formatting isn't a little more dynamic adapt to larger modern screen (whilst remaining compatible with lower resolution users).

I have a tiny space in the middle to show and edit post, whilst the left and right side of the screen is used to displayed a grey background only... and the banners at the top and bottom...

My screen width is 1440.

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awsome i like the look and feel i was a user before the changes and like the new feel of

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I just posted some thoughts on another forum reference exactly what I'm reading here. I'm in agreement these forums need tweaking. There is not enough functionality with it and it is too cramped.

I think this is coming because they are running it on Joomla or some portal similar to Joomla. I'm not a huge fan of pre-scripted portals. It's fine for sites that are about one thing or shopping, but for to really grow and take off it needs tweaking.

This isn't criticism. It's observations that I hope the web developers and the principle admins take back to the table as they continue to make modifications. I'm hopeful they do...if not ultimately these boards will fail. I've noticed already there are so many posts that have low counts or views, and have been sitting idle for a long time. That's because it is limited. I posted to a forum and I couldn't read what it posted. It kept 'refreshing' to the same page. Odd.

Anyways...I'm excited about and am very hopeful it will grow and grow quickly. I'm very interested in supporting and contributing to the community here :)

Keep up the good work those who are building the site, it is appreciated!

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