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What do you think of This Forum Software

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temmu wrote:


skinny columns.
makes it easy to read lots o' text.

if i 'm posting looong questions / answers
i break it up into short, easy to read phrases
even if the sentence is long.

so, me, i have no problem with the posting area size.

ooo ooo what's that directly above me? could it be?
it is!
hello, eric! :lol:

Yea well...some of us are on 22" LCD panels or bigger and are annoyed by the fact that garbage gets more space than content.

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I definitely dont like how its squished in the left column. I have a bunch of wasted space on my wide screen and I would prefer it to be filled with text instead of forcing me to scroll down.

Also what happened to the old forums? All of the content was piped to /dev/null?

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I didn't mean the posting area, actually. I mean that the finished posts (reading area) could stand to be a wee bit wider. My boo-boo! :(

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Has anyone mentioned the lack of the poster's name on the "Last post" column? That is pretty strange..

Also, I'd like to be able to turn off image signatures, especially with the small screen estate

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I use a 17" monitor. But for people with larger ones, Opera browser has a feature to adjust content to the screen width, wouldn't it help you?

The names of people viewing (registered users) the forum overlap the box they're inside if it is more than one line. At least in Iceweasel 3.0.6 (I confirm that in two different distros). That should be fixed someway. If the box can't expand, then it should be appended ellipsis at the end of the first line, maybe with the option to expand to see all the people logged in.

Oh, and its obvious that there must be a 'forum' topics section. We are taking the space of 'getting started with linux'.

Thank you.

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Yes, definitely need a general forum where we can discuss these things instead of the current forum

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