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What do you think of This Forum Software

Link to this post 13 May 09

Keep the comments coming; we're taking notes. :)


Link to this post 14 May 09

It's certainly an improvement to the old one (lol). But I would like to find the old posts somewhere (valid digression, me thinks).

Since I usually only frequented the old forum and not the rest of, this now is a blow of fresh air indeed, with all those links at the top. Now for the forum software, I can't judge yet its functioning but all the features available are to be praised.

Link to this post 14 May 09

I'd say the same than some of you. The left Panel is too small, and the User panel, otherwise, the panel in the forum where the name and avatar of the writer is displayed, is really to big, as the main point here is to be able to read the content, not to see the avatar or name of the writter.

I really think that the all forum should take all the width of the screen or almost all of it.

Link to this post 14 May 09

I quite like the new forums. But, as others have said I think some things should be tweaked a bit better.

- Smaller right column, bigger left column. Or, wider page with wider left column.
-Comma between the users viewing said topic in the forum

That's all I can think of right now because I just signed up. The new site gave me the ambition to sign up. The older one which I didn't really often go to is in the dust now, and I think the people who made this happen are doing an excellent job. The site looks a lot more appealing visually, and hopefully will provide a lot of content for users and the community alike.

Just for the record: I just went to preview my post, and it didn't come up after two minutes of waiting. I just posted the topic anyway, and it has appeared.

Not only commas between users, but the table with the users viewing the forums should be fixed as well. I'm sure it's already taken into consideration, but there's a screenshot of the problem attached to the message. I'm running Firefox 3.0.10.

"Select image file to attach" when browsing, and selecting said image the URL is white conflicting with the selected form. Once highlighting the picture URL it turns blue. I'm not sure if the Desktop Environment covers those colours, or if it's the site, or my default Firefox theme. Could be the same with "Select file attach" form, too.

All the best. B)

Link to this post 14 May 09

Personally I think that the fact that it works like an included file in the site template is what makes it kinda uncomfortable to use so either the template is modified or layout is changed a little bit to make forums wider

The profile part might allow users to change a few things forum wide like someone already said, posts subscription for one, maybe things like receive or not mail regarding subscriptions, and so on

not that it should turn into a bloated forum platform though because I like the fact that it is very minimalistic :)

Link to this post 14 May 09

Yeh its cramped. thats the trouble with wordpress forums. They never seem to reduce the size of the righthand side bar. I dont think its needed at all in the forums. Maybe have it collapsable?

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