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What do you think of This Forum Software

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Regarding the usability of the software on the forum, it seems pretty good so far, with only a half-dozen posts under my belt.

I did have one oddity where I quoted in parentheses, and it became an emoticon ("like this"). But the wysiwyg editor is pretty smooth and lightweight.

I am now a big fan of web apps with a lot of typing in fields that implement autosave, such as Wordpress now has. That would be a good feature to add, especially since we are logged in already.

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How do I get the subscribe option unchecked by default when replying to a thread?

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Yea...I don't like reading right to left....and the clutter is some of the worst forum clutter by design I have seen. It is really quite painful to try and use.

There is LOTS of room for stuff-but only 5-10 replies per page? RLY?

I know we use Linux, and we are used to doing things different way...but this is a ridiculous mess of a forum if I've ever seen one. Not one standard layout anywhere on it. I mean, per page, there is less content here than there is in 24 hours of CNN news coverage-that is how bad the clutter is.

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malcarada wrote:

You could add a new thread on the distributions, called "Others" so nobody feels left out.

I second this.

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Myeh... it's an unusual set up, but I think I could get used to it. Would be nice if the posting area was a wee bit wider, though. :)

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skinny columns.
makes it easy to read lots o' text.

if i 'm posting looong questions / answers
i break it up into short, easy to read phrases
even if the sentence is long.

so, me, i have no problem with the posting area size.

ooo ooo what's that directly above me? could it be?
it is!
hello, eric! :lol:

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