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What do you think of This Forum Software

Link to this post 15 May 09

I just made a Greasemonkey script a few minutes ago to alter the layout of the website. The site layout actually prompted me to install Greasemonkey, as I'm using a 1680 resolution, and I wanted to make use of all of that screen real estate. Anyhow, the script I came up with is attached to this post and seems to work okay for me; it should stretch out everything to 100% of your monitor width. Hopefully I'm not doing anything stupid, as I never used Greasemonkey until about 10 minutes ago, so this is the first script I've ever attempted with it.

*Edit* Forum software won't let me attach a file with a .js extension, so I placed my script here:

Link to this post 15 May 09

it's pretty messy, but well usable.

I'm just glad it's no drupal forum

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Thanks! I had yet to make one. I updated your script as such, giving the main content a width of 98% which I think makes it look a bit better than fully expanded.

document.getElementById('linux-header').style.width = "100%";

document.getElementById('ja-header').style.width = "100%";

document.getElementById('ja-mainnav').style.width = "100%";

var jasubnavInfo;
jasubnavInfo = document.getElementById('ja-subnav'); = "100%";

document.getElementById('ja-container').style.width = "98%";

var ja-botslInfo;
jabotslInfo = document.getElementById('ja-botsl'); = "100%";

document.getElementById('ja-footer').style.width = "100%";


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Is it just me or are Linux developers extra critical and blunt? I've nerver heard such direct and non-apoligetic feedback in my life! ;)

Maybe that is why Linux keeps getting better and better. :woohoo:

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I think that is why; I have learned to really not take things personally. Given how busy most folks are, the fact that they take time to give feedback is welcome. Regardless of the lack of niceties.


Link to this post 21 May 09

I quite like the forum software, although I agree it does feel a bit cramped. It could also do with a few more topic categories, including for the site itself.

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