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What is a good Linux OS for my dinosaur laptop?

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I know this question has been answered numerous time, but I can't seem to find a right Linux OS for it.

I have this dinosaur laptop that I got from my aunt, and she was using it for engineering but decide to give it to me. Now that I have this laptop and check it's spec.
It was this one.

I tried other Linux OS, and I have no luck with it.
Only two Linux OS that work so-so is Slitaz and Slacko.
Slitaz does work but everytime I turn off the computer and reboot. It always reset everything. Then I tried Slacko, it work okay, but I can ONLY boot from the CD Drive which is annoying not to mention I can't connect wireless.

I did tried everything to make it boot on HDD but no luck.
Either the Linux OS doesn't work on my laptop or I don't have any experiences with it.
Either way, it's not helping me to make this old laptop to run.

Other Linux OS such as Lubuntu, Xubuntu and other two doesn't work due to that fact that I keep having "CPU Kernel Error"

Can someone help me find a good Linux OS that'll work?

Tasks = Surfing, Emails, YouTubes and watching videos.

Link to this post 05 Jan 13

Have you considered trying Arch with xfce, the custom installation method should keep it small and clean while remaining powerful.

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