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What screencasts would you like to see?

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I thought it would be nice if one could gather up a list of potentially popular screencasts by a little brainstorming. So, what screencasts ( videos ) would you like to see or think could be useful for someone else?

Personally I would like to see some more troubleshooting videos. The most frequent errors experienced in the various distributions and how to fix them. I dont know what the most frequent errors are so I need your help.

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It would be useful if you would throw together some videos with written tutorial for installing popular distros, configuring wireless access, installing/enabling proprietary video drivers and how to customize a desktop with all of the effects. These would get a lot of hits and would make a good reference point for new users.

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Ok, thanks.

I would like to show how I did dualbooting the safest possible way I could think of. Where there is no change and the possibility for errors to your windows installment is minimized.

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On the dual boot note, it might be a good idea to do a dual boot setup guide in which the windows is not on the first hard drive and you must force windows into thinking it is on the first disk. Also a screencast about dual booting multiple distros including moving and pointing to the proper files.

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Im not sure I follow you. If windows is installed before, it will boot that by default. I will show how you quickly force another drive (linux) as the first drive using the boot menu key. Although not present on all computers there is enough of them out there to warrant attention.

Since SSD's are they way to really boost performance and on the rise I will use one of those. The excellent thing is that you can put your money on speed rather than on capacity in comparison with windows so this makes a ~40GB SSD an interesting choice.

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I had a case in the past were I installed slackware linux first on the first hard drive, then installed windows on the second hard drive. The windows installer and bootloader worked, but when I reinstalled my grub bootloader with the correct entries, windows would not boot. After some research I found that windows expects for it to be on the first hard drive on your system, if it is not then it won't boot. I had to append additional options to my grub configuration file to force windows to see itself as being installed and booted from on the first hard drive.

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