Where did all the updates go?

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I just installed Fedora 16. I ran the software update. It said it installed 250+ things. I don't see any difference. I don't see anything in add/remove software. Updater says that there are no updates for me now. Did I miss something?

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Never mind they showed.

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I'm glad you solved it. I'm sorry there wasn't a quicker response. Usually there are many folks here. I guess with the holidays, we are all traveling to visit family for the holidays.

BTW - if that happens again, do (in a terminal, as root):

yum clean all

and then
yum update

And the application database will be restored. Sometimes the database gets corrupted and has to be rebuilt.

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for those who come after. If you just installed Fedora and your add remove list is not listing, click system at the top and then 'refresh package list'. hooray

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Ubuntu/Debian users: apt-get update.

Change your update notifications from weekly to daily.

Rinse, Repeat, Enjoy.

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