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Update BIOS/firmwares on Linux

Link to this post 19 Feb 10

Thanks for beating me to the punch, it saved me some research.

I prefer command line operations for the massive amount of functionality and information. After writing enough scripts to utilize sepcific command you start to remember them. I recommend checking out the output of "dmidecode|less" you would be amazed by how much your OS knows about your hardware.

Link to this post 20 Feb 10

Thanks guys, I can flash my BIOS now :woohoo:
and ya the command line is more powerful then I can comprehend :cheer:

Link to this post 20 Feb 10

want to know more about your hardware than you ever thought was possible?

lsusb (USB bus)
lspci (PCI bus)
lshw (All hardware busses and controllers)
dmidecode (DMI data)
smbios-sys-info (other similar commands, for SMBIOS on some platforms
hwinfo (extremely verbose)

And TONS of goodies in /proc.

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