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Wanting to make a Linux Based Desktop

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I'm wanting to make a Linux Based Desktop from scratch .. can someone please tell me what i would need to make a powerful and Linux friendly desktop ?? I plan on using this for work and pleasure .. such as movies / music / documents and so on ... im open to different types of O/S of Linux ... my only requirement is that i need it to work with my Samsung LED TV .. it needs to be able to play video and audio through that. also any programs or desktop enviroments i would need to make life easier for work and just more fun to work with would be great ... Thank you in advance for your help :)

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There r so many distro that can provide u what u want, just look for the right distro that suits ur requirements. U may try Linux Mint / Suse Linux / Ubuntu / Fedora.

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Just an after thought. If you want to learn how to create a Linux distro from scratch, try "Linux From Scratch".

If anything will show you how Linux distro's are built LFS will.

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I'm currently running Debian 7.3, if your new to linux Ubuntu would be the best route to start with though. If not, I recommend Debian 7.3 (wheezy)

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